Employee Preference

Most employees expect to manage their finances, payroll, and relevant aspects from one central point. rapid! PayCard has formed an online platform for the same at no charge.

To access the Rapidfs Login page every time, go to www.rapidfs.com even to get all the access to the offered services. On this official site, cardholders can find details about their current payroll card account. Special features of rapid! PayCard is also accessible on the cardholder’s site.

  • Login, activate your Rapidfs card, & set a four-digit PIN code
  • Check the payroll card balance & savings account
  • View all the transaction details with self-service options
  • Set a PIN and personal details at your convenience
  • Save & manage SMS notifications for your account
  • Find ATMs & get details about purchases

But with rapid! PayCard does not charge any type of fee for this feature & service that even includes standard SMS, data & mobile phone charges. However, you must check this with your wireless service provider and find out what charges they may charge.

Manage a Rapid FS Login account online with Visa or Mastercard at the official website www.rapidfs.com. The rapid! PayCard is a thriving services provider that even enables employees without conventional bank details to have automated payroll accounting.

Saves employees time & money when cashing checks and is much more dependable than cash as Visa and MasterCard zero liability programs contain warnings for users. Cardholders can even eliminate the hassle of losing physical checks with Rapidfs Login portal services.

Employees get SMS notifications, cashback bonuses, interest savings, online payments, free ATM withdrawals, & much more with Rapidfs. There are also no overdraft or credit check prices, as Rapidfs Login services are free to all registered cardholders.

Each time the employer sponsoring that card program immediately loads the paycheck onto the card! Waiver of charges linked with the first transaction; otherwise, the cardholder will be charged at the particularized rate.