Portal Basics

The data about the Rapidfs Login account may get shared aggregated or anonymous non-personal information with third parties. We may also buy or sell assets in the normal course of our business.

If another organization acquires our assets, the data we collect about the user may be transferred to that business. Also, if bankruptcy or reorganization actions are filed by us or against us, this data may be considered as an asset and sold or transferred to the respective third parties.

Registered Rapidfs Login portal users will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from future email marketing communications from Green Dot Corporation. All they have to do is just click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email they received till now.

Rapidfs websites & mobile applications may include links to third-party websites & applications whose privacy policies may vary from ours that are given for your assistance at www.rapidfs.com.

The formation of such links on the official websites and mobile applications does not correspond that we endorse any associated websites or applications or third parties, and we are not liable for the practices of such action in any way at Rapidfs Login portal.

Furthermore, we are not liable for the data collection, usage, disclosure, or protection policies or practices of other organizations like Facebook, Apple, RIM, Google, Microsoft, or any other application developer, application provider, or online network platform provider.

If we address any of our officially listed websites, mobile applications, products, or services usage by children under the age of 13, the respective Rapidfs user will be immediately terminated with the data saved at the official portal for proof & authentication.

We even make sure that certain physical, administrative, & technical measures guard the data we collected from & about the Rapidfs PayCard holders. Every effort is made to guarantee the integrity & security of the network & systems, however, we cannot guarantee the data transfer unlawfully.