Accessible Features

Rapidfs Pay Card is a corporation that gives online payroll card services primarily in the USA. They even offer simple, smart, & safe services along with ordering a card online at the official site

With the official Rapidfs Login, you can create excellent privileges for new hires while demoting prices, increasing efficiency, & depending on your commitment to corporate environmental liability.

The implementation of Rapid PayCard is absolutely free as the services are provided in the form of in-depth personal training to make the prepaid card program.

SMS notifications – SMS notifications on the mobile phone are the most suitable way to check this registered payroll card balance.

Available at no supplementary cost, you can access and select the notifications. You can also get data about the current payroll card account balance by simply texting “BAL” to 90831 on your mobile phone.

Refunded – Make big acquisitions and receive rebates every month based on your account activity. It’s that simpler and there is no promo code or coupon needed. You can even visit the official site for more details on the rewards you can avail of.

Savings Account – Use the savings card account for free. This interest-bearing account is a great way to save for the future & your costs. You can also utilize this feature to record automatic transfers. Go to the official site for registration.

Bill Payment – Pay bills online or over the phone with money from the card for a low flat charge per account.
When you open a Rapidfs pay card account, you have to give your name, address, birth date, and other details that will allow the official identification.

The rapid! PayCard Mastercard is officially administered by MetaBank, a member of the FDIC, under license from Mastercard International. The prepaid card can be utilized anywhere the debit Mastercard is affirmed.