Payroll Service

Rapidfs Payroll Services is gratified to give a new Payroll Service option to get your payment via Rapidfs PayCard. Now you can have the payment automatically transferred to a payment card on the salary date of every month.

The payroll card does not need a credit check and makes it easier for receiving and issue the payment. No more cashing the check or waiting for the check to arrive as the salary every month with this Rapidfs Login portal online services.

This Rapidfs Login portal online services are much easier, safer than cash, and saves you money with expense control on discounted charges. The payroll card is a comfortable way to access the payment or ATM acquisitions anywhere a MasterCard debit card is accepted.

Having a direct deposit feature, the payment card can be utilized as a supplementary direct deposit account for family members, instruction savings, travel allowance, vacation/gift, or accidental expenses, or more.

Applying for a Rapidfs payroll pay card is much easier than completing a direct deposit form. For more details and to register for the new payroll card, email [email protected] or call 571-553-4277 for more details and relevant assistance.

Employees can also hit the Rapidfs Payroll Services office at 45155 Research Place, Suite 155 Ashburn VA. You can have the payment deposited to the payment card so that you have immediate access to the money on the morning of every payday.

  • No need of queueing for checks
  • No more check-cashing charges
  • Stop coming to work to get the check
  • No more lost or wasted checks

With the pay card, you can access the money at any preferable time. Utilize it at ATMs to get cash when you require it. You can even prefer it to shop at some of your favorite stores & restaurants, get music online, & more. To register your card, go to the official site