PayCard Usage

Rapidfs Login portal services are officially administered by Green Dot Corporation which is a company that gives mapping services, particularly in the USA. The services offered are simple, smart, & safe for all the rapid! PayCard holders. You can also order your card online at

Rapidfs Visa or Mastercard payment card online. rapid! PayCard is a dominant financial service for employers that gives payroll details online to all employees without traditional manual work.

It saves employees and employers enough time and money, and Rapidfs Login services for employee payroll are much safer than cash mode, as the funds are protected by Visa and MasterCard’s liability plans & programs.

How To Prefer Rapidfs Login Account Usage?

1) Purchases

Return your payroll card to a merchant or give it to the cashier while shopping. For acquisitions online or by phone, follow the directions you received.

If you select direct debit, enter the PIN code when prompted to complete the purchase. If you select “Credit”, accept the amount and sign in to your account with your name.

2) How to get cash refunds for in-store acquisitions?

Swipe the pay card or present it at the cashier while shopping.

Select “Direct Debit” as the payment method. Enter your PIN-code using the keypad when prompted on the screen.

Tell the cashier about the amount you want to get the money. Bring cash, a card, and a receipt as to show proof for the same.

3) Money at an ATM

Insert your card into the device and enter the PIN when prompted. You have to select the “Checking account” tab and the amount you want to depart.

For a complete list of charges with Rapidfs PayCard, it can be found in the cardholder agreement at the official site

If you require help with your online account or would like to report a lost or stolen card, you have to call on (877) 380-0980.